I’ve talked to many grrls about their private lives, about the business of sex work and I’ve heard a lot of stories that are truly stranger than fiction.  In all of the stories I hear some of the same things.  My conclusion… Its ALL about business and the grrls that treat it that way have more success than the ones that don’t.  Never forget… Business first!  Here’s 10 simple tips to help you do better business…

  1. Be nice always – This goes for everything in life, but if you want to have a career, this is always number one!
  2. Communication – This is very important.  ALWAYS talk about what you’re getting paid for, what is expected & when you are getting paid.  Basically… Ask questions & if its not right, just say no thank you.
  3. Dress for success – Gotta look good always.  High class is the way to go even when casual.
  4. Love what you do – If you don’t love it, don’t do it.  It’s that simple.
  5. Be clean always – Cleanliness is NOT next to godliness, but its pretty damn close.  Always take care of you and your lady parts.  Be clean and smell good.
  6. Healthy balance – Do not work too much and give yourself a break when you can.  This is a tough life and its important to balance out work & fun.  Too much of anything is bad.
  7. Listen & learn – Listen to everyone & pay attention to all that is around you.  You might be surprised at what you will learn.
  8. Trust no one – Don’t believe what anyone says.  Don’t trust you “agent”, your clients or anyone you are working with.  Protect yourself and your life always.
  9. Get your rest – this is part of healthy balance, but I like to stress this one more, because too many times grrls get tired mentally, physically and emotionally.  This leads to poor choices and bad decisions.
  10. Have fun always – this my number one rule… If I’m not gonna have fun then I’m not showing up.  Yes, this is a business, but it should be fun as well.  Never forget that.