Welcome to PornStarLifeCoach.com!

To put it quite simply, PornStarLifeCoach.com is a how-to-website whose mission is to help grrls be smart and to make the right decision in their adult careers. With any grrl that comes our way, we’d like to give them all the advice and tips in our personal encyclopedia to better inform their choices.

Dear PSLC…

PornStarLifeCoach.com has really taken off, and we’re so happy with the amount of support that’s been given since our website’s launch a couple weeks ago.  In fact just days after its debut, the Life Coach received a slew of emails […]

Lingerie & Latex…Why Women Wear It

I’ve always loved lingerie and latex for many different reasons. My love for lingerie started at a very young age and I viewed it then as this mysterious secret women had. It’s never been about using it to seduce men…although […]

Raise Your Hand

Welcome to La La Land and the land of Shame and Broken Dreams…oh, wait you’re not here yet. Well if you are a cute, sweet, eighteen year old girl (or something of that nature) and you were thinking to yourself, […]


We are very excited to announce the latest addition to our Juliland Universe… PornStarLifeCoach.com!  Woo hoo!  What is PornStarLifeCoach.com you ask?  This site is all about helping grrls be smart and make the right decisions in their porn star lives.  […]


So, how DO you make a career out of something where the majority of the target working population within that industry only has a lifespan of 6 months to a year?  I mean, really, for all intents and purposes, pornstars […]

What I Tell New Girls Who Want to Break Into Porn

Over my nearly 30 years in the adult business, I’ve met dozens of girls looking to break into adult who have come to me for advice. Either they were recommended by someone who knows me, decided to move to Los […]