The Ultimate Dream Job

About a dozen regular guys ranging from high school teens to college frat types stood on the sideline of our roped-off beach area with their eyes glued to my every move as I did my [...]

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Lingerie & Latex…Why Women Wear It

I've always loved lingerie and latex for many different reasons. My love for lingerie started at a very young age and I viewed it then as this mysterious secret women had. It's never been about [...]

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What is Fun?

Lots of grrls and friends ask me all the time... What is fun?  Why do you always talk about fun?  How does this apply to the “Porn Life”?  I decided to explain it to you [...]

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Porn Orgasms: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Oohs, Aahs, Oh my Gods, Fucks and Don’t Stops are all standard lingo in the porn industries vernacular. How else would we know the sexy bitch with the giant tits is getting her rocks her [...]

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