Sometimes you as a client may prefer that the provider come to you than you go to their location. Very often this involves a hotel. As you are the host of this particular appointment it is important to keep a few things in mind that will help ensure a good time is had by all.

  1. First of all be clear in your communication on the location. Be sure they know the exact address and a telephone number for the hotel. When you will be meeting in a hotel it is often the case that you won’t know your room number until you check-in. Be prepared to communicate that information to your provider with sufficient time for them to make their way to you. They may have to travel for a considerable time to join you.
  2. You may be asked to meet outside your hotel room rather than for the provider to come directly to you. This is sometimes so that the provider may avoid issues with hotel security. This may also be so that the provider can feel more secure upon meeting you and verifying your identification. Be ready for this and accommodating as is appropriate. Be sure to have that identification readily available for that meeting as well.
  3. Be ready at your appointment time. Don’t make the provider wait. Yes, you should ensure that you are clean and ready but be conscientious and do it before the provider arrives.
  4. You’re the host of this appointment. So, be a gracious one. Have beverages available as appropriate. Often a chilled bottle of water will do. If alcohol is acceptable to the provider then respect the provider’s desire to ensure their own safety and do not provide any already opened alcoholic beverages. You may be decent and not the sort to drug a provider but there are enough horror stories out there to justify their suspicion and it is at worst a minor inconvenience for you compared to the serious risk they could be taking accepting a suspicious beverage.
  5. Don’t forget the etiquette of payment remains the same. Unsealed envelope in plain view that you don’t discuss directly. As a gracious host it is your responsibility to ensure the provider, your guest, feels comfortable.
  6. Respect your provider’s time. If you engage in small talk and eat up your scheduled time, don’t be upset. It’s on you to set the tone and pace of the appointment. If things are going well and you are inclined to extend the appointment ask and don’t assume and you should be offering additional payment when you do.
  7. When it’s all over you’re still the host. Offer your guest the use of your room’s shower should the provider require it. Should you feel something extra is called for because you had a particularly memorable time, it will likely be welcomed.

It all comes down to respect and communication. Be respectful and make sure everyone is on the same page and everyone is going to have a good time.