Here’s a few tips to help make a session go nice and smooth for everyone involved. They basically boil down to communicating clearly and frequently, but then, in the end, what doesn’t?

  1. Cleanliness is a big deal for everyone involved. Providers should ensure that they are freshly clean and that hair is tamed to the expectations you advertise. Similarly, make it clear that you prefer the client to be similarly clean. A little tact may be called for but everyone’s going to have a better time if we’re all hygienic. This includes the teeth. Brush! Floss! Carry breath mints!
  2. Perfume and cologne are not replacements for bathing. They also don’t belong down below the waist. No one wants to taste that when going in. Again, if the client is doing this it may take some tact to turn him away from the habit.
  3. Show the appropriate amount of affection on meeting. Some people go in for the hug and the kiss right away. Some people prefer to take it slower. Try to get a feel for each person and react accordingly.
  4. Talk dirty the way the client prefers but assert your own comfort level as well. If the client wants to say things you’re not comfortable with, make your preferences known! The same thing goes with being rough. If the client wants to be rougher than you’d prefer, make it known!
  5. Make an effort to fulfill the fantasy but be up front about what works on your particular body and what doesn’t. Some pieces of lingerie or other outfits just don’t flatter some like they do others. If the client wants something you know doesn’t work on you try to offer up a similar option that will be more flattering.
  6. Be ready with the necessary accessories. Keep them in reach and ready for action. Covers, oils, lubes, water, toys, and towels that are part of your work should be easily accessible. Who wants to interrupt the fun to go on a scavenger hunt?
  7. Respect. Respect clients boundaries and make sure they respect yours. This goes back to number four but this is also about things like them not asking for your real name and respecting the rates negotiated. You’re a professional insist on being treated as one.

See? In the end it all comes down to communicating. Speak up and ask questions!