Yo!  This post is for all you Hobbiest out there.  All you guys who love to have fun with your providers.  I know who you are.  Listen up my friends…

I’ve been around the game for a long time now.  Been around the best of the best for a very long time.  A lot of the grrls come to me and tell me their stories.  As a matter of fact they tell me everything and sometimes its way too much.  Sometime I just get pissed and walk away.  WHY?  Cuz there’s a common theme to some of the stories… Mean, stupid, rude, annoying MEN!  You guys need to step up your game and start being nice to the grrls.  Yes, they are Providers, but they are people too.  EVERYONE deserves respect!

Guys if you want more from a Provider or any grrl for that fact, be fucking nice and treat them the way you want to be treated.  I’m tired of you guys who think you’re fucking special cuz you have millions of dollars or are famous.  You think because you pay for a grrls time you own her!  NOT the fucking case.  Get a clue and grow the fuck up.  Treat everyone with respect and I bet you will get the respect you are craving for.  If you treat your provider right she will treat you right!!!!

ALSO Providers provide a service and are NOT your wife or grrl friend.  DON’T tell them you love them.  DON’T tell them your life story.  DON’T be mean or rude ever!  DON’T expect more than you are paying for.  Just be happy, nice, grateful and have fun!  Enjoy the moment and if it goes great… Do it again and again.  The best Providers are there for you and will make you happy if you treat them nice!  Having manners goes a long with with your provider!