Hey guys!  How goes it?  Having fun with your grrl?  Taking good care of her I hope.  Lately I’m hearing all sorts of stories from my friends.  They tell me the good, the bad and the ugly of their work.  The one complaint I hear most is that you guys are not being nice enough.  I know you want a good time with your favorite grrl, but if you want a really good time… Be nicer!  Some simple tips to guarantee a good time…

  1. Clean – being clean all over and smelling clean is most important!
  2. Listen – listening is key!  Ask her what she likes and how she likes it.
  3. Manners – be a gentleman always!  Asking is respect!
  4. Laugh – don’t take yourself too serious and have some fun!
  5. Grammar – when writing her an email, please check your spelling and grammar!  Gotta be smart!
  6. Cash – clean, crisp and fresh bills please.  Nothing smaller than a hundred.
  7. Gifts – Gifts go a long way, but keep them simple and nice.  Just make sure its something she wants and needs, so do your research.
  8. Time – show up on time and never keep a lady waiting!
  9. Friends – please don’t annoy your grrl when not with her.  She is not your grrlfriend and you don’t need to be texting her everyday.
  10. Respect – always respect your grrl and she will respect you.