Okay, condoms are super important. Super important for everyone to have a safe fun sexy time but client and provider alike should be aware that they are not the end all be all of playing safe. You’ve got other appendages and orifices that may be interacting with one another.

    1. Let’s talk about oral sex first. The BBBJ might be on the table for some providers. Even so, it should be avoided in particular circumstances. Those circumstances include when the provider has any open sores or wounds on the mouth or tongue. Sometimes these are not obvious. If you have had any sort of dental procedure in the past twenty-four hours, including just a cleaning, play it safe and avoid mouth to genital contact. This is for everyone involved. Whether in contact with penis or vagina, it’s not safe for either party if the mouth involved has any kind of open wounds. It would also be best to avoid oral contact with the vagina during menses.
    2. Sharing is fun. Sharing sex toys is fun. Sharing sex toys should involve a cover that is changed before the toy switches from one person to the next.
    3. If your hand is going near a vagina, make sure it is clean. Vaginal and urinary tract infections are painful and require medical treatment. So, try to avoid causing them. In particular try to avoid any contact with the anal area with anything going towards the vaginal area.

<li”>Yes, this is about more than condoms but still, condoms are about more than just preventing pregnancy, they’re securing from disease as well for everyone involved. A lot of bodily fluids start getting produced by everyone involved down there. So, avoid uncovered genital to genital contact.

Safety means fun now and might mean more fun in the future for everyone. It’s all about fun, right? So, keep it clean and keep it safe.