As a client it is not just on you to show up and get down to it. There are some things you ought to take into account to make sure everything goes smoothly and everyone is having a good time.

  1. Different providers have different standards for identification. Some only require a single form of ID. Some require more than one. Know what your provider’s requirements are and be ready to fulfill them at the beginning of the session. The provider has pre-screened a name make sure that they can trust you are the person they pre-screened.
  2. Know the method of payment and be ready with it at the beginning of the session according to the provider’s preferences. Most prefer cash. A few may accept credit cards. Personal checks don’t usually fly with anyone. Be ready with the agreed upon amount for the session and maybe some more in case it’s going very well and you want to extend it.
  3. As stated most providers prefer cash, so be ready with it as instructed. The typical way to present it is in an unsealed envelope presented at the beginning in plain view. Don’t hand it directly to the provider. Don’t be offended if she counts it. You might be honest but there are plenty of people who aren’t.
  4. Clean yourself. Clean everywhere. Do it right before the session. If you’re doing an incall, ask the provider if you may use their shower. The provider is going to make themselves clean for you. Extend them the same courtesy. This goes for your mouth as well. Brush your teeth, use some mouth wash, floss, get some breathmints, just make it clean and especially if you’re a smoker.
  5. Speaking of smoking. If the provider doesn’t smoke they may not want you to smoke during the appointment. Respect that. You can smoke afterward.
  6. Communicate about the appointment. You reasonably expect the provider to contact you regarding a cancellation at their earliest convenience, well you need to address that too. If you agreed to confirm by a certain time make sure you do it lest the provider reschedule assuming you cancelled. If you’re running late, get in touch or the provider might take off before you get there. If you have to cancel, let the provider know ASAP. These things happen and everyone is happier when communication is handled appropriately.

Afford the provider the same respect you expect from them and everyone will have a good time and isn’t that what this is all about?