pslc_funOohs, Aahs, Oh my Gods, Fucks and Don’t Stops are all standard lingo in the porn industries vernacular. How else would we know the sexy bitch with the giant tits is getting her rocks her off? It’s slightly easier to pinpoint the exact moment the male talent climaxes (normally semen is ejaculated on a pretty ladies face and/or breast area because boys like making messes.) Here is a quick rundown about PornOrgasms.

The Good: Not EVERY orgasm on set is fake (shocking right?!) Sometimes the stars will align and a pretty sweet orgasm can come about (pun intended.) It’s pretty easy (at least for me) to tell when the female talent is having a genuine orgasm. Some signs to look for are : flushed skin, increased breathing, sweating and shaking to name a few. The male talent can usually verify a genuine orgasm from the vaginal contractions around his cock but we’ll just have to take his and hers word for it.

The Bad: When the stars DON’T align as mentioned above then the female has to “fake” her orgasm. A couple reasons why it’s difficult to cum on set is uncomfortable positions, starting/stopping and not to mention the 12 strangers watching you in coitus. When I have to perform a “FauxGasm” I try to mimic my genuine orgasmic motions and noises to make it near impossible to decipher the two apart (I’m sneaky.)

The Ugly: Sadly most female talent were NOT classically trained in acting at Juliard so there are some bad performances out there (and by some I mean vast multitudes.) Nothing kills a scene faster for me than a high pitched girl saying “yeah yeah yeah” over and over again followed by half-hearted flopping about on the couch/bed/kitchen counter.

When it’s all said and done and the semen is being wiped off of the marble floors in some random house in the San Fernando Valley, it’s ultimately the viewers orgasm that matters most.