pslc_adviceWhile this may only be my first entry, I do believe my experience in the adult business carries much weight and value! “Anal 101” may not be ALL of my knowledge regarding anal sex, but I do think it’s enough to get you in the game!

Both fans and friends frequently ask me, “How can I relieve internal pain when engaging in anal sex?”  Well, the main reason as to why it’s painful for a woman (or man) to receive anal sex is due to the fear of peristaltic movement, or otherwise known as shitting on a cock.  LOL.

There are many different ways to prepare for anal sex.  In fact, enemas are the most common forms found in the Porn Industry (as well as at home).  The standard solution is a bottle of saline.  I personally prefer Fleet brand saline solution, and I’ve actually found that Fleet Xtra is a bigger bottle and saves times, so I always buy two.  When I don’t use saline, I’ll find myself using Mineral Oil.  These solutions work in different fashions.

The saline solution enema is used to expand the large intestine and to allow the release to be greater than it would be with just warm water (which is how most porn girls get ready).  For at home, you would repeat this process until you feel comfortable, or until you fill the bottle with warm water and the water exiting your rectum it is clear.  Realize though that the first amount of solution may not produce any feces – it can take two to three fills.

The mineral oil enema is typically used to lube the walls so hardened feces can pass though.  Blockage can happen due to dehydration, and remember, ANYTIME YOU ENEMA YOU ARE DEHYDRATING YOUR BODY.  So, please keep water by you to sip on as well!!!  When I first started doing anal on camera, I was giving myself an enema session and I was standing.  Well, after fill #7 I almost passed out, LOL oopsy!  Lesson learned.  Hopefully, this will help to ease your mind and allow you to RELAX!  If you feel uncomfortable, it will not be enjoyable and sex should ALWAYS be enjoyable.

Visually, the sphincter muscle is what’s puckering closed when you look at a booty hole (aka leather cheerio, as a friend might quote).  That muscle is just like any other in your body – if you exercise them, you gain control of their full potential!!  The ultimate master of this is someone I am very fond of as a person and admire as a director: JaySin from Evil Angel Video.  In fact, I truly believe you cannot say you’re an “Anal Performer” until you’ve been shoot by him!!

Buy adult DVD’s where you see anal sex done properly (I’m thinking specifically Gape Lovers #3, Anal Buffet #2, and Pretty Sloppy #2).  It’s in these films that you’ll see JaySain’s knowledge and my experience in anal at its best.  He describes different ways to show off the muscles ability, to be fully relaxed (gaping), to back closed.

Now here’s the fun part.  What toys do you use to prepare?  Everyone screams BUTT PLUG!!  But you’re wrong!!!!  Butt plugs DO NOT WORK YOUR MUSCLE!  Rather, they end up stretching your large intestine because of the tapering off it does at your sphincter.

What I suggest and what I’ve ALWAYS USED are glass toys (here’s a great example:  In this video, I am using my first anal/warm-up toy that’s 7″ long and not too thick.  If you go into the ‘Men on Men’ section in most adult stores, you can find beginner glass toys the size of your index finger.  You can always advance with your comfort, but just please AVOID butt plugs.  They are cute for playing with, great for show, but not your insides!

Please always use lube when you first start.  My recommendations and personal choices are System JO Premium or Gun Oil.  But because these products are water based, your intestine will begin to absorb the water leaving a sticky feeling, which ultimately, will pain.  YES, US PORN GIRLS USE SPIT!!!  But, it is a saliva/mucus mix from the back of your throat that is THICK.

Other suggestions would be eat light, but DO NOT go without eating.  Otherwise, you will be light headed and unhappy (I would foresee a fight over anal sex ending that night)!  Reasons for eating lite are quite simple.  First, you feel good, not weighted down, sexy even.  Remember, if you stick to foods that DO NOT Leave you feeling bloated or full, then they are probably great anal foods.  Things that I consume are Sara Lee blueberry mini bagels, popcorn, rice cakes, veggie sandwiches, chicken breasts, and ROCKSTAR energy drink…LOL my favorite thing in the world!  Whatever I eat through the day, my last meal the night before my scene is chopped salad with corn for dinner.  Corn does NOT breakdown, so while you enema, you will see corn and then clear.  Also, drinks should NOT have any color – example being Sprite not Pepsi.  Stained liquids end up staining whatever comes out!

There’s so much more I can share on this topic, but I am thinking of doing a “How To” for anal sex, MY way of course, the real deal, no smoke screen stuff, just the RAW mess of anal!  I hope you liked and/or learned a little something from this.  I certainly owe you a really naughty one next time…

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