pslc_adviceWhile this may only be my first entry, I do believe my experience in the adult business carries much weight and value! “Anal 101” may not be ALL of my knowledge regarding anal sex, but I do think it’s enough to get you in the game!

Both fans and friends frequently ask me, “How can I relieve internal pain when engaging in anal sex?”  Well, the main reason as to why it’s painful for a woman (or man) to receive anal sex is due to the fear of peristaltic movement, or otherwise known as shitting on a cock.  LOL.

There are many different ways to prepare for anal sex.  In fact, enemas are the most common forms found in the Porn Industry (as well as at home).  The standard solution is a bottle of saline.  I personally prefer Fleet brand saline solution, and I’ve actually found that Fleet Xtra is a bigger bottle and saves times, so I always buy two.  When I don’t use saline, I’ll find myself using Mineral Oil.  These solutio