What is this website all about?
To put it quite simply, PornStarLifeCoach.com is a how-to-website whose mission is to help grrls be smart and to make the right decision in their adult careers.  With any grrl that comes our way, we’d like to give them all the advice and tips in our personal encyclopedia to better inform their choices.

Who is the Life Coach?
This may sounds a bit cheesy, but the life coach is me, you, and everyone who contributes to this site!  We hope to learn and grow from one another.

Can I hire the Life Coach as my personal mentor?
No, but if you are nice to the Life Coach you can cuddle.  But if you’d like, you can email the Porn Star Life Coach directly pslifecoach@icloud.com!

How does The Life Coach relate to Richard Avery and the Juliland Universe?
We see The Life Coach is the über-talented, smart cousin on our mother’s side.  The idea stemmed from the Juliland Universe and Richard Avery, and with the help of our many grrls, we were able to record their stories and tips for your viewing pleasure!

How often will the site be updated?
As often as we can, but we would like to have new content up at least once a week.  It all depends on the mood Life Coach on any given day!

How do you choose the grrls and the kind of content that’ll be posted on the site?
Life Coach chooses the grrls based on their notoriety within the industry, their personal anecdotes/tips, and how well they inform our readers.  That being said, the final decisions are decided on by Avery, and Ash Hollywood.  Team work, baby!

If I need some advice, who should I contact?
You can send your questions to pslifecoach@icloud.com.  We always LOVE to hear the thoughts, concerns, and suggestions from our readers.

Am I able to post my own stories and experiences on the website?
Of course! Your life experiences dealing with sexuality, intercourse, and the adult industry are always welcome.  In fact, we see your narratives as having just as much weight as our adult stars and friends.  So please submit and share, as we are always looking for help and contributors.

Can anyone truly help a porn star?
Life Coach believes WE can.  Our motto is simple, “If you listen, you will learn.  If you learn, you will ask the right questions.  If you ask the right questions, you will get the right answers.  If you get the right answers, you will understand and know more.”  Education is always a good thing no matter what the subject is.