pslc_adviceI’ve talked about the basics before (My Simple Advice For The Beginner).  What you should know and do once you get started.  I talked about this when we started, the site but since then I’ve learned so much more.  I wanted to update you and make sure you are good to go once you start your “porn” career.  Keep in mind these are guidelines, not rules.

  1. Ask Questions – Never stop asking questions!  Weather its your agent, your client, the talent you gonna fuck, the photographer you are shooting with or anyone.  ALWAYS ask questions and make sure you know what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with.  SO many grrls make the mistake of showing up on set and not know what they are doing there.  So, please ask everyone everything!
  2. Lock up your URL – As soon as you figure out your porn name… Get the URL and any URL that works.  I’m meeting too many grrls who do not own their own URL name.  I’m tired of the agents stealing them!
  3. Too much too soon – Slow the fuck down.  Don’t try and do too much right away.  If you shoot too much too soon, everyone will get tired of you real fast!
  4. When not working -There is ALWAYS something to do!  Shooting is 10% of you job.  When you’re not shooting, get busy!!!  Answer your emails, tweet to your fans, do some fun foto shoots that are NOT work related, get a mani/pedi or just relax.  No matter what get shit done and don’t sit on your ass getting stoned & playing video games.
  5. Have a plan – no matter what you do in life, no matter how big or how small… ALWAYS have a plan.  “A goal without a plan is a wish.
  6. Back away from Social Media – for fuck sake give it a break!  Posting 20-30 times a day is way too much.  Posting 10-20 instagram fotos is needy and annoying.  The simple rule is quality not quantity.  Needy and annoying is NOT sexy!
  7. Think before you speak – I say this ALL time, please remember you are selling a fantasy.  Don’t ruin that fantasy by saying stupid things.  UGH.  Can’t tell you how many time a grrl ruins the mood by the words that come out of her mouth!  Be smart always!
  8. Tell your parents please – Don’t let them find out the hard way.  Don’t leave it up to a family friend to drop that bomb.  Of course they’re not gonna be happy, but its better than lying.  Honesty is the best policy.
  9. Doing privates – if you choose to start doing privates, please go to and read our posts!
  10. As always, be fucking nice – no matter what, please be nice.  It cost nothing and the payback is priceless.