pslc_adviceSo, you’re looking to break into the adult business?  You’ve finally decided to fuck for cash, make crazy sex to the camera, and be admired by extremely creepy men?  In my experience, I’ve met many grrls and they all say, “I wish I met you before I started my adult career.”  These grrls often make the same mistakes when getting involved in porn.  Because of this, I felt it was important to publish some basic tips to ease the future stress for future grrls…

  1. Remember that this is the business of the adult, NOT the adult business.  Business always comes first, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  The grrls that last the longest and are the most successful treat the industry like a business.  Don’t get caught up in bullshit games that you should have left back in high school.
  2. Be a professional always!  Show up on time, say please and thank you, be honest and treat everyone with respect!  If someone treats you with anything less than respect, just walk away and never look back.  Don’t create drama and do not pass it on.  Reputations are created real fast in the industry and it’s a small industry at that. So please, be smart.
  3. Think before you speak.  Watch what you say, what you tweet and what you tell others.  Just because some grrls talks shit or some loser dude acts stupid doesn’t mean you have to as well.  I know it can be very frustrating, but always, think before you open up.
  4. Do NOT sign any contracts without getting help from a lawyer!  I’ve seen too many grrls make the mistake of being talked in to signing something because they feel pressure or are manipulated into it.  If you’re really a great star, then you’ll get a contract.  No need to rush the process!
  5. Do your homework ALWAYS!  If you’re going shoot with a company or make an appearance, be sure to research and investigate everything!  If you don’t know your fellow talent, don’t be afraid to ask or go online. Information is just a click away!
  6. Never eat where you shit, and never shit where you eat!  This is a rule that I live by always!  Quite simply, it means that you should avoid dating or involving yourself with someone from the adult industry.  A lot of grrls make this mistake in the beginning by dating, living with and/or screwing male talent as soon as they get in.  Don’t fall for all the bullshit they feed you, don’t let them move in, and for fuck sake, you are NOT their chauffer.  I know “they understand what the business is like,” but anyone can understand if you explain it properly.  Just stay single and fuck who ever you want.  Relationships are not easy in the real world, let alone in the porn world.
  7. BE NICE ALWAYS!  No matter what, just be nice.  If someone acts stupid, be nice!  If someone says something stupid, be nice!  Just be nice always!  It does NOT cost a dime!!!
  8. Assume everyone is an idiot until proven otherwise.  I understand that this rule is not the way to go through life, but it’s guaranteed to be the safest mode of transportation.  Remember that just because you know someone, it doesn’t really mean that you know who they are.  It takes time and experience to fully know another person.
  9. The day you start in the adult business is the day you start planning your way out.  Most grrls come into the biz with absolutely no idea or plan.  It’s key to have an idea of at least of what you want because before you know it, you’ll be considered too old, too used, and you’ll hate everyone.  So, save your money and have a plan!!!
  10. Have FUN!  The sad truth is you’ll never make millions of dollars in this career or meet Richard Gere like in Pretty Woman.  The happily ever after doesn’t always exist.  In fact, this is not an easy career, despite what you may think.  But that being said, it can be very fun!  My simple rule is this: if something isn’t fun, then don’t do it.  As soon as your life turns into work and not fun, it may be time to move on.