I meet lots of new grrls all the time.  They are so damn cute and sexy.  I love and want them all.  You can never have enough cute grrls.  Thank God we will never run out.  BUT the one thing they ALL have in common is they ALL think they know everything!  Holy fuck!  You’re 18-25 and you think you’ve lived life and know everything!!!  Your favorite two words… “I know”!  STOP IT NOW!!!

I’m sorry to tell you that you do not know shit about shit.  YOU have so much to learn and thats a good thing.  Stop being defensive and just be excited that you have lots to learn.  Its a good thing!!!  My favorite quote is simple… “If you listen you will learn”.  Learning is fun and never gets old.  Nobody has ever gotten into serious trouble for being too smart.  So be smart for a minute and learn as much as you can.

Smart decisions are the best decisions!!!  Its