10 More Things You Need to Think About

We’ve had many list on PSLC and no reason we can’t have one more.  I thought I would create a new one for 2016.  Kind of like a sequel or a reboot.  Just 10 more [...]

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Stop Thinking You Know Everything

I meet lots of new grrls all the time.  They are so damn cute and sexy.  I love and want them all.  You can never have enough cute grrls.  Thank God we will never run [...]

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10 Things to Know (Updated)

I’ve talked about the basics before (My Simple Advice For The Beginner).  What you should know and do once you get started.  I talked about this when we started, the site but since then I’ve [...]

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Porn For Rookies

So, now I am in to my first year of working in porn...and Ive made mistakes. Lots of them. It is difficult being a new comer with no one to help offer you good solid [...]

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Why you ask?  Why, why, why?  I’m NOT a five year old who asks this question when I don’t understand, but I am an adult who asks this question ALL the time for the sake [...]

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