pslc_smartA publicist in the adult industry is similar to a publicist working in any field. The objective is the same: to secure placement so your business is seen by as many people as possible, and getting the message you desire out to those who need to know. With adult industry clients, you have to fit them in to mainstream media through branding a strong product that the public relates to, and then affiliate – directly or indirectly – with mainstream pop culture, news topics or celebrities.

Before you hire a publicist, set goals of exactly how and where you want your brand to be seen, and how you would like to get accomplish this. Have a functional website with all important information available online so people – especially media people – know where to find you. Your Twitter page should be in use and up-to-the minute, and gaining followers and momentum. You need everything in place, so the publicist can do their job effectively.

When choosing a publicist, talk short-term and long-term goals, current and future potential and decide how to promote yourself in the competitive media marketplace… and be realistic. There are plenty of people that do what you do. What makes you better or different than the other guy, which in turn would make you more interesting to talk about? Elevating your brand’s profile via speaking engagements, conventions, charities and events is also a good idea, and gives your publicist more to work with in getting you coverage.

While mainstream media still isn’t openly ‘porn friendly’, a good publicist can maneuver placement with long-standing relationships and knowledge of the best strategies to put your brand in the public eye… and also have the ability to navigate you out of a tidal wave of any bad publicity swiftly and effectively.

Courtesy of
Brian Gross
BSG Public Relations