pslc_adviceWorking in the adult industry for a bit over a year, I have met many girls from all walks of life and each has their own story of how they initially broke into this business.  There are tons of crazy experiences out there.  A lot of the time, in my opinion, I think there could have been a better approach of getting in.  You’re basically in the sex business so being faced with creepy situations is definitely a huge occupational hazard here, but finding the safest way to come in might narrow down the amount of trouble and even prevent you from doing anything you had no intentions doing yet and may regret later.

My Story: Apparently, the way I entered the adult industry is a bit different from many others.  I had always been the timid girl throughout my life, but deep inside, I had that crazy, wild exhibitionist side of me that I had to unleash somehow.  At least, I think that’s what made me decide to do this.  In my high school years, I would spend a lot of time in front of the computer looking at solo and girl/girl porn and wanting to do this.  I was basically already stalking the industry and before long, I had it down who I wanted to work for.  In fact, I even made a list of the companies I for sure wanted to work for so I wouldn’t forget about them (And you bet if that company is still around, I probably have worked for them by now!).  A few months after turning 18, I decided to move to LA to pursue this.  Being the fresh meat in town, I was being asked to do all sorts of things outside my comfort zone with promises of making tons of money.  I was being jumped at by all sorts of people trying to refer me to all sorts of agents.  I knew I would need an agent at some point, but it actually took several months before I would have one.  There are lots of horror stories on agents.  Most of the agents in this business work more like a pimp than an agent.  I would work here and there through companies I already knew all about through my research and trusted and through that little amount of work, I would meet girls and talk to them about their experiences with who and what and that led me to eventually find the right agents for me.  I took things rather slow, being very selective about everything I was doing and never considering doing anything that I had the slightest hesitation about.

My Reccomendations: The following are advice I suggest for girls who are looking to get started in the business.

  • TAKE IT SLOW – Decide on what it is you want to do. Some of you are up for do everything, but the reason I recommend taking it easy is that what you want to do today may not be what you want out there next week.  Be sure to work your way into everything slowly so that you make sure you know where in the business you fit in and what you are comfortable with.
  • DO YOUR HOMEWORK – Before agreeing to anything like a contract or signing with some agent, look around.  Ask around. If you are starting out without an agent, make sure whoever you are working for is legitimate.  Get references if you need to.  Always research who are working with/for so that you know what is going on.  I’ve heard a few stories of girls just showing up to a set without asking any information prior and being pressured into doing something they don’t want to do and that is with an agent!  When an agent sends you out for a job, make sure you get the information on the shoot beforehand.
  • YOU DECIDE – You and only you get to decide what you do. Often times, you will be pressured into things you may not be comfortable with right away.  We all have our limitations.  Don’t let anyone talk you into something that you aren’t comfortable with in that moment.  Whatever you may do later on, you have time to decide on that.  There is no need to jump into any decisions immediately.  No one should have the power to pressure you.  It’s your career and your life.  You make the choices.

Conclusion: I hope at least one of my pointers in this article is of value to you newbies!  There is honestly no “perfect” way of breaking into adult or anything of that matter.  This is just based on how I did it, and although, I still had to find myself in a weird situation or two in the beginning, it certainly seems to be a lot less to deal with than a lot of the girls I know so that must count for something.  Have fun, be smart, stay safe!