pslc_adviceI am NO lawyer and have absolutely NO desire to be one.  While I pretty much hate all lawyers, I do trust them with one thing: contracts.  Who of you understand all the bullshit in contracts?  Who wants to?  Why should I care?   Did you go to law school?  Did you play a lawyer in a porn parody?  Did a lawyer screw you literally?  Quite honestly, it’s not my job to know or understand contracts.  Because of this, I always ask my lawyer to read any contract someone sends my way before signing and making a binding agreement.

Simply put, you are a fool to sign any contract that you do not understand.  I have seen many grrls sign contracts without even getting a lawyer to read them or a friend to double check what the deal entails.  In fact, nine out of ten times the grrl will regret the deal she signs, and as a result, g