has really taken off, and we’re so happy with the amount of support that’s been given since our website’s launch a couple weeks ago.  In fact just days after its debut, the Life Coach received a slew of emails full of questions, personal stories, and individual life experiences.  Here is just one of many that we will be publishing in the weeks to cum, enjoy!

1) What would you recommend I do to connect with readers/viewers of whatever I output, while staying as anonymous and unrecognizable as possible?
I suppose you have to first ask yourself why you want to be anonymous and unrecognizable.  In an industry where sex and outer appearance go hand in hand, it’s almost a necessity to show yourself and gain notoriety from doing so.  Second, you must ask yourself why you’re wanting to do this in the first place!  Is it for money, sex, fame, or experiences?  Your goals will affect what your personal site will entail and what you’re offering your viewers.  And whatever you do, make sure you have all new emails, screen names, etc. so you’re less untraceable to those you interact with!

2) Would allowing requests of me to do things in pictures or video for someone willing to pay be a terrible idea? (I know that I should always reject requests I’m uncomfortable with, and I shouldn’t have sex with people just because they pay me, but I’m wondering if this is overall going to be more unpleasant than fun and interesting.)
Again, what are you looking to get out of this experience?  And perhaps most importantly, are you wanting to start out as a hooker, a porn star, a webcam girl?  Whatever you choose to follow, you should always know your boundaries and stick to them.  Otherwise, you may find yourself regretful, lost, or feeling somewhat violated.  And we don’t want that!  So, make a list – what you will do and what you will not do.  This list can always evolve, but it should only do so when you’ve truly considered the change your making.  Many times, the allure of money can quickly persuade and alter someone’s better judgment.  It’s when this happens that you stop doing things for yourself and the fun ends as well.  Your career, your life, and sex (especially!) should always be fun.  Otherwise, why do it?  Always, always, always trust that gut of yours. It’s usually right.  And remember – assume everyone is a creeper until they prove you wrong!

3) How should I encourage people to come to my site without sounding like a creep or an obsessive attention-seeker?
Like all goods things, this takes time and tons of work.  First, sit down and make a plan.  Second, browse the internet for sites that intrigue, grab your interest, and look amazing.  Third, ask yourself, “ What do I want MY site to look like?”  You must always place yourself in the position of the viewer.  If it’s not interactive, doesn’t look great, or isn’t original, then why join?  There are thousands upon thousands of adult sites and to separate yourself is not an easy task.  Just make what you like and make it as best as you can!  And if you want to increase your site membership, you may want to consider talking to larger sites that can and will redirect to yours.  If you look as some of the biggest adult stars, they usually have started working for larger companies and then did more personal work on their own, after they established their name.  Hope this helps!

Yours truly,
Scarlett Stone
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