pslc_smartThere’s a group of 1%-ers out there who fly under the radar.  They are beautiful women, consultants of sorts.  They are smart, often have their own corporation, fund 401k’s, drive their choice of car, shop at the highest end stores, have class, and style. They have an accountant, a lawyer, and know their way around people.  Oh, and the bill rate for these consultants?  How about $500, $1000, or up to and over $2,000 per hour.

I am speaking of the high end escort; the 21 to 30 year old (and sometimes older) beautiful woman who has decided that earning $50,000 a year to be in a finance training program after graduating college just wasn’t going to cut it.  Yes, I said graduated college.  So like most things, and most careers that deliver the potential of $300,000 or more annually, there’s a catch.  Here it’s the sex.  She has to have sex with men, sometimes many men… but not always.  The smart escorts start with 2 hour minimums.  Perhaps they begin with a low bill rate of $500 per hour.  Quickly it doubles.  Then, doubles again.  Soon she is not setting $800 2-hour appointments.  Now, she is setting a $10,000 2 day trip.  Keep this in mind because we’ll get back to the sex soon.

Ok so now we get to the demand.  Even I, with my experience in the fetish and glamour world, know that if demand is high and supply is low only one thing happens – prices go up, up, UP.  And if prices are rising then only those who can afford the item can obtain the service.  So, for these women the men who pay are generally affluent; usually business men, sometimes very powerful and very successful businessmen.  Sometimes they’re your run of the mill $200,000 a year Vice President.  These men are often married, they need discretion, and although there is always the possibility of a fat, rude, smelly customer, in truth they’re not usually the man your mind might conjure up when you think about a ‘john’ paying a hooker.  The men creating the demand are more often than not well spoken, polite, and hold on – romantic men.  I am not telling a lie here people – there are countless stories of men who spend an entire day planning the perfect night for a woman they then must hand over hundreds or thousands of dollars to.

Alright back to the sex.  So you’re reading this thinking ‘yeah yeah but she is having sex with strangers for hours at a time.  Well, when was the last time you heard of a 55 year old man being able to hold an erection for 4 hours?  Right, it doesn’t happen.  A long ‘date’ for a high end escort might often include a drink, some conversation, maybe some sex within the first hour, then dinner, talking, romantic settings.  Then maybe sex one more time, IF there’s time.  We’re talking about a 4 hour date for all this.  Let’s go conservative and figure $1,500 for the 4 hours.  Maybe 1 hour of total sex, maybe 2?  If it becomes a multi-thousand dollar overnight the amount of sex per hour goes WAYYYY down.  Oh and as for the constant need to be with many, many men in the beginning as they are starting it means more men on shorter appointments.  But soon, and pretty quickly, she gets regulars.  Then the Holy Grail: Rich regulars which means money up, number of clients down, amount of sex per visit….down.

So, the next time you’re in Vegas or out in Miami, or NYC, or LA and you see a stunning younger woman on the arm of a well dressed man it just might be that she is one with the greater disposable income.