pslc_adviceSo you finally did it.  You stopped talking about it, you went out and did it.  You booked your very first scene.  If you have been reading the articles on the this site you’ve researched the industry, decided exactly what you are comfortable performing on screen and made a plan for your time in the industry.  You’re excited and ready to have fun, but a little nervous.  The insecurities start to set in and every question you ask yourself begins with  the phrase, “what if?”  Here are a few of my tips for having a great first day and every day thereafter on set.

Each scene really starts when you have the call sheet in your email or hand.  Always read it completely with an eye for the correct details.  Mistakes do happen from time to time, so check that the booking details reflect what you agreed upon as far as sex act, partner, and rate.  Make sure you understand exactly when you are due on set, where the set is, and what you need to bring.  If anything is unclear, don’t