pslc_adviceWelcome to La La Land and the land of Shame and Broken Dreams…oh, wait you’re not here yet. Well if you are a cute, sweet, eighteen year old girl (or something of that nature) and you were thinking to yourself, “I want to be pretty and have photos taken of me and be famous..” and all that stupid shit… Well lovely tits there is a lot more to consider before you take the dive. Please, carefully consider these questions:

  1. Do you like sex?
  2. Do you like sex with people you’ve just met?
  3. Are you willing to give up or jeopardize the relationships in your life right now? Parents? Boyfriend? Girlfriend?
  4. Are you ready to have your genitalia on the internet for people to be able to Google for the rest of your life?
  5. Are you ready to be treated shamefully in the public eye? Looked down upon by many, and quite often disregarded as meat?
  6. Have you thought about 5 years from now, obtaining employment later on? Love?
  7. Do you have the confidence and the strength to deal with fans who are over judgmental and rude?
  8. Do you have a plan for your career when you enter? Have you done your research?
  9. Are you aware of the danger and health risks that come with being in the sex industry?
  10. Are you 100% confident you will leave this, gaining more than you’ve lost?

Ash Hollywood

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