pslc_adviceI’ve been shooting models and porn stars for quite some time now.  Many grrls come to me asking what it really takes to be a great model, but more specifically, a great muse.  They also ask what makes for a great shoot and how I get inspired to continue photographing.  Well, in response to these questions, I give you some basic tips for both aspiring grrls and photographers…

  1. Preparation: Always plan ahead!  Ask the client/photographer what they’re looking for, and make sure you bring it.  However, if you feel that you may not have what they’re looking for, don’t be afraid to tell them the truth.  If you’re going to produce work, you should always do your best job.  Also, make sure your nails are nice and you’re clean inside and out.  There’s really nothing worse than a grrl showing up dirty and her cloths are a mess.  So be ready!
  2. Listen: Listen to what the photographer wants, especially while he’s shooting on set. Make sure you know before you show up what you’ll be doing and what the compensation will include.  Trade or pay?  How much?  ASK questions!  If you listen, you will always learn.
  3. Meet & Greet: I like to meet any grrl before I shoot them because I feel that it’s important to see what the she acts and looks like in person.  For you (and your safety), you should always see who the photographer is, as well as samples of his/her work.  Believe me when I say that photographers can be creepy!  Watch your back!
  4. The Shoot: This is when the real fun begins.  Listen and do your best to help the photographer achieve his vision.  Every good photographer has a plan for the shoot, so help out by giving your best.  If he knows what he’s doing then it should be really easy.  If done right, it should be just like dancing – follow the lead, and when it’s your turn to lead, go for it!
  5. Manners: I’m a big stickler for good manners.  Please and thank you can go a long way.  So, when you’re done with the shoot and if you like the results, say, “Thank you.”  If you want more say, “Please.”  If you had fun say, “Thanks and let’s do that again!”