pslc_funAbout a dozen regular guys ranging from high school teens to college frat types stood on the sideline of our roped-off beach area with their eyes glued to my every move as I did my job.  You would think I was a professional athlete commanding my body to move in some mind-blowing contortion, or exhibiting super human strength they could only dream of.  And although I moved like a wild cat, calculating distance and barking orders, my actions were far less strenuous than a jock’s. But that didn’t matter.  The boys looked at me with such envy I almost felt sorry for the drooling bunch.  In their eyes I was better than an athlete, had more juice than a rock star and to make it even better somehow had balls the size of grapefruits calling out to every hot babe on the sand! I was the complete chick magnet and they were just waiting for my next command.  Simply put, I was the coolest man on the beach – the most interesting man in the world (to borrow from the Dos Eq