pslc_funLots of grrls and friends ask me all the time… What is fun?  Why do you always talk about fun?  How does this apply to the “Porn Life”?  I decided to explain it to you and everyone else.  Its actually really simple.  If you are NOT having fun, then don’t do it.  This applies to everything in life!  I mean porn, art, sex, relationships, work, health and more.  Life is what you make it and FUN is what I work on everyday to make my life.  I’m not saying its possible or I have succeeded, but I try to make everything I do fun.

Fun can be creating art, shooting pix, designing a new site or just taking a snap shot.  It can be a great meal with a friend, a simple hug, a compliment, a milkshake or thank you.  It can also be music, art, movies, TV and books.  It can be the simplest and smallest thing ever… Sleep in!!!  Usually the most fun I have is when I’m with a friend making art, but sometimes its sitting in a bathtub drinking champagne with my grrl.  What ever makes you smile, gives you pride or makes you feel great from your toes to your nose is fun!

So, when it comes to the porn life or career… Have fun!  If the people you work with are bringing you down, move on.  If shooting becomes work instead of fun, trying something else.  If sex is becoming ALL work and no play, then you need a break!  If you are not smiling, laughing or just happy to do what you do, then you need to rethink and make some adjustments.  Here at we have a simple saying… If its NOT going to be fun, we ain’t showing up!  Keep that in mind when you get up and start you day!  Hope that helps, now get up & go have fun!!!