pslc_smartSo many grrls make the mistake of not thinking about their URL for a potential, future site.  Truthfully, not everyone needs a site.  Its’ a lot of work and costs a ton money!  It takes a serious commitment and the maintenance is enough to drive you crazy.  But if you choose to get yourself in knee deep, the URL is where you start.  I tell all grrls to buy any and all URL’s they think they might need just so they can protect themselves (it only costs $10 to be safe and smart).  So, look and lock it up before it’s too late.

One of the worst scenarios I have ever come across is when the agent steals the URL from the grrl.  So many grrls sign with an agent and the first thing he does is buy her URL before she even gets out the door and back home.  Then she thinks, “Hey, I should get my URL!” and unfortunately, it’s too late.  He owns it, won’t give it up and uses it to make money of