10 More Things You Need to Think About

We’ve had many list on PSLC and no reason we can’t have one more.  I thought I would create a new one for 2016.  Kind of like a sequel or a reboot.  Just 10 more things you need to think [...]

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Dear PSLC…

PornStarLifeCoach.com has really taken off, and we’re so happy with the amount of support that’s been given since our website’s launch a couple weeks ago.  In fact just days after its debut, the Life Coach received a slew of emails [...]

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Raise Your Hand

Welcome to La La Land and the land of Shame and Broken Dreams…oh, wait you’re not here yet. Well if you are a cute, sweet, eighteen year old girl (or something of that nature) and you were thinking to yourself, [...]

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PornBag 101

I’ve never seen as many wardrobe bag disasters as I have in the adult industry. Over half of the failed cases are my own, but that’s another story. Too often call times and wardrobes will come late from the agent [...]

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My Simple Advice For The Beginner

So, you’re looking to break into the adult business?  You’ve finally decided to fuck for cash, make crazy sex to the camera, and be admired by extremely creepy men?  In my experience, I’ve met many grrls and they all say, [...]

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The 411 on Pornography

I’ve been getting a lot of questions recently regarding where the adult industry stands in terms of statistical numbers.  Now, when I personally think about porn, I think about Richard Avery being his silly self, Lexi Belle talking dirty to [...]

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